titreHebreu Retour à la Source Drapeau Israelien Source Ein Guedi Mur occidental
לכל מקום שאליוֹ אני הולך ,אני הולך לארץ ישראל
Où que j'aille, je me dirige vers la terre d'Israël.
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Study trip to Israel.

apprentissage d'hébreu'

El Hamaayane ( back to the roots ), offers you the possibility to be immersed in the local atmosphere, for three, four or eight weeks at a time, in a kibbutz. This will enable you to be familiarized, with biblical or spoken hebrew language, as you visit the Land. You will also improve on your knowledge of the biblical feasts and get to know the history of Israel as you enjoy all that comes along with living with local residents.

The Kibbutz is located South of Beer-Sheva , right in the Negev desert. You will enjoy variety of meals, air-conditioning, swimming pool and much more, to give you a most pleasant stay.